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Becoming a Participating Business

Thank you for your interest in joining the 1% for Public Lands program! The first thing to know is that participation is free and easy. Once your system is set up to collect donations, participation often takes no more time than writing a check.

Set Up:

All participants sign a simple contract where a payment schedule of monthly, quarterly or seasonal payments are established. If possible, the business will add a line item that appears on the receipt indicating to the customer that a 1% voluntary donation is being collected. Most point of sale systems are easily configured to allow this type of line item. We will work with you to set up your system if you need technical assistance. We provide you with signs to indicate your participation. In this way, your employees do not have any responsibility to indicate participation or educate the customer about the program and its mission. We can also provide you with educational verbiage for your website, brochure, flyers, invoices, forms and other media.

Working With The Customer:

You and your employees are not expected to explain the program to each customer at each transaction. Your signs serve as notification of your participation in the program. Your notifications will explain that donations to the program are entirely voluntary. If a customer does not wish to donate, it is your responsibility to take the 1% donation off their bill. This rarely happens. Since this is a donation, no sales tax is due on the contribution. The customer is making the donation and it is tax deductible for them. If the business is making the donation, the business is entitled to the deduction.

Sending Collections:

The voluntary 1% donation program does not provide a notification when your donations are due. You will be notified if your donations are late. If your payment lapses six months or more, your business will be taken off the marketing opportunities offered by the program until full payment has been made. Once payments have resumed, so will your marketing opportunities.

KSF Partner Benefits:

We know that signing up is a commitment. As our respected and valued partner, we will work with you to see how you would like to be acknowledged. You can count on being promoted with our recreational and agency partners, on our website and across our social media platforms.

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