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Grant Opportunities

KSF officially launched its 1% For Public Lands initiative in 2022.

Watch this space for news and updates about the projects we are able to fund!

The KSF Steering Committee disburses collected 1% for Public Lands contributions through an annual grant process to the following types of eligible projects:

  • Recreation Projects

    • Projects that create or maintain recreational infrastructure, including trails, trailhead facilities, puncheons, bridges, sanitation needs, etc

  • Restoration Projects

    • Projects that address the impacts of recreation on public lands, including revegetation, noxious weed removal, trash cleanup, etc

  • Planning and Assessment Projects

    • Projects that conduct planning processes necessary to implement a project, such as cultural resources assessment, NEPA/SEPA, archaeological assessments, GIS mapping, etc

  • Education and Outreach Projects

    • Projects that create responsible stewards and recreators, such as workshops, outdoor classroom opportunities, educational events, interpretive signage, brochures, etc

  • Discretionary Projects

    • The final 20% of funds will be allocated to projects that meet the criteria above, allowing the committee to support worthy projects beyond the given 20% limitation.

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